Encouraging Social Opportunities

How does it work?

A Party Group= A Host with Wealth, Guest-Sponsor and Guest

Party Event Includes:

Home space such as patio, poolside, backyard hot tub or other acceptable social space with internet music source, party lighting, cocktails & finger food.  If this isn't available the event shall be an outing to a local bar & Grill.

What about Party-bucks?

Wealthy Host shall distribute Party-bucks to Guest-Sponsor at one hour intervals beginning with $300 and continuing with $200 for the second hour of party.  Anyone can terminate the party after two hours.  Dollar amounts for additional party shall be by mutual agreement.

Is this a dating event?

No, it's an opportunity for wealthy individuals to connect with younger lifestyles for fun times while assisting those individuals with financial gifts.

Is this an organization?

No, this is a socialization method for wealthy people to mix for fun with younger lifestyles, while providing them cash gifts to help them meet their needs.

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